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Whatever your musical style Flying Tiger Sound will provide the results that you as an artist are striving to achieve. The engineers and staff at Flying Tiger Sound all have dual backgrounds as musicians and as highly qualified sound engineers. Their ability to understand your artistic desires and translate them into recorded sound will astound you.

The relaxed atmosphere is designed to make the recording process enjoyable as well as rewarding. The oversized live room is both inviting and built to maximize sound quality. Flying Tiger Sound’s engineers are all Pro Tools Certified and use only the highest quality equipment for your project.
Mac Pro G5 Quad Core
Digidesign Pro Tools HD2
Digidesign Control 24
Digidesign Plug-ins
Waves Mercury Collection
Waves SSL Collection
Waves API Collection
Pre Amps
Vintage Neve 8108 Channels
Universal Audio LA610
Avalon 727
Chameleon Labs
Focusrite Preamps


Lonnie Walker
The Rosebuds
Petey Pablo
The Birds of Avalon
Kooley High
Hammer No More The Fingers
Tab One
Of Colour
Cast The First Stone
The Never
The Love Language

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